The superior comfort of latex

The exclusive Suitenings® brand has an exceptionally comfortable range of bedding products especially created for hotels & resorts. Suitenings mattresses are designed to provide hotel guests a soothing, undisturbed and unsurpassed sleeping experience.

Manufacturing natural latex bedding solutions is the core business of our latexco parent company and it’s at the core of every Suitenings® product. Suitening mattresses are the result of decades of research to develop mattress cores that are second to none in the field of sleeping comfort. Available in 100% natural or a blend of natural and synthetic latex, Suitenings® mattress cores provide unparalleled body support and maximum pressure distribution while ensuring a healthy microclimate – so that your guests wake up refreshed and energized. Now you can bring this unparalleled comfort home.

We love natural latex because for its:

- Softness, which ensures a pleasant, comfortable feeling - Superb elasticity and perfect body support
- Excellent ventilation
- Hypoallergenic and anti-fungal properties

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